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Crime Statistics Methodology-Why La Mirada remains one of the safest cities in the State.

Every month, law enforcement agencies report the number of crimes to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCRP) including crimes reported to the Sheriff by the public and those that the Sheriff discovered themselves, or known through other sources. Two types of crimes are reported: Part I (violent and property) and Part II (less serious). A goal is set by La Mirada to remain under 200 Part I crimes reported per 10,000 residents. In 2019, 790 Part I crimes were reported, divide this number by 49,129 (population) and we get 160.8 Part I crimes reported per 10,000 residents. This number is significantly lower than the goal of 200 part I crimes reported per 10,000 residents, and represents a 14.2% drop from 2018, making La Mirada the safest city in southeast Los Angeles County and northern Orange County. The improvement is most likely attributed to the increased neighborhood watch programs, growing use of MyLaMirada App, proliferation of residential security cameras (ring), and the valiant efforts of our public safety staff and deputy sheriffs.

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