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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It has been my highest honor to represent you on La Mirada City Council. Together, we fended off wealthy developers who prioritized carwash profits over the interests and character of our neighborhood. Collectively, we started 34 Neighborhood Watches to help safeguard our community against criminals. Additionally, a new pedestrian crosswalk which connected Hillsborough to the adjacent trail crossing was installed with state-of-the-art flashing beacons.

I believe La Mirada residents want an ethical and credible leader with strong values, skills, and experience whom they can trust to make decisions that are best for their community.  With more than 25 years of executive experience shaping public policies, I have the leadership, problem-solving acumen, and relevant government expertise to make La Mirada the community we choose to live, play, and work in.


During My Tenure, Many Historic Accomplishments (Partial) Were Achieved:  

  • La Mirada was ranked #1 as the safest city (for cities with over 2,000 residents) in Los Angeles County. To combat ineffective prosecutorial policies, we added 2 Motor Deputies and increased our safety budget by 23%.

  • La Mirada was ranked in the top 2% as one of CA’s most financially stable cities. During the pandemic, our revenue grew by 4%, and in 2022, we recorded the highest revenue in La Mirada history.

  • Secured over $15 million from Federal and State legislators for our parks and other infrastructures.

  • All 7.8 square miles of streets have been rehabilitated or slurry sealed.

  • Spearheaded New Programs: The Santa Holiday Caravan, Farmers Market; Community Garden, Smart Camera License Plate Readers, Ted Talk at La Mirada High School, and Dial-a-Ride to Trader Joes.


But We Cannot Stay Complacent

  • The State and County “Soft-on-Crime” policies have caused property crimes to skyrocket across California. The cumulative effect of unfunded State-imposed mandates has negatively impacted our budget.

My Priorities:

  • Improve Public Safety and leverage technology to fight against crime.
  • Strengthen the city's reserve funds to prepare for any unexpected emergencies.
  • Develop New Programs to improve the quality of life for all residents.

My Core Values

My parents immigrated to the U.S. 50 years ago in search of a better life for their 7 children. Because of the language barrier, they worked menial jobs in substandard conditions just to put food on the table and I would be remiss if I did not work hard every minute to honor them for their sacrifices. My childhood experience of poverty and gang violence gave me the perspective, motivation, and resolve to pursue my own dreams and better communities.


My wife, Cathy, recently retired after a 30-year career as an educator for ABCUSD. Our son, Brandon, graduated from UC Berkeley and is now an executive in the music industry.

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Family 2.jpg

You have trusted my leadership, experience, and expertise as your La Mirada City Councilmember, and I am asking for your trust again as I lead our city into the future. I respectfully request your vote on or before March 5, 2024!


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